Sunday, 4 January 2009

I Desire, Therefore I am.

Kali ini aku tulis pasal aku…wanita scorpio…info nya aku adapt dari beberapa website…bukan plagiarized tau…adapted…baca dan buat conclusion sendiri…

Yeah, I could identify with most of it…huhuhu…kalau aku bukan scorpio, sure takut nak berkawan dengan wanita scorpio…terlalu extreme… it is…the naked truth about the scorpio woman.

Scorpio is the emotional dynamo of the Zodiac. It is the most mysterious and intense sign of the zodiac.

A Scorpio woman is...

one of mystery -- part tomboy, part femme fatale.

an old-fashioned individual - loyal and courageous.

a blunt and fearless character, doing everything passionately from the depths of her heart. She is passionate with everything that is related to her.

exceptionally beautiful, mysterious and provocatively magnetic. She knows that and is proud of herself.

has an ability to penetrate into the very essence of another person’s being. She has been endowed with a pair of the most piercing of eyes to achieve that purpose!

gives everything. She can be demanding but is equally demanding of herself.
never seems to age but grows in wisdom and maturity.

can be extremely secretive by nature;

can be a very trusted friend

she can be a most fearsome enemy.

Does not have neutral feelings. Either she will deeply cherish or fiercely hate. Her anger is very bad and it's better to get out of her way when it gets out of hand.
never takes a superficial view of life;

never accept something at face value.

Views love as a bond which touches the soul, and no secrets. No secrets mean that she expects honesty of character.

will be so brutally honest that, at times, she may hurt people in the process.

seems to be very practical, but inside she is very emotional. she will not see any viewpoint in case of her own emotions.

has a lot of compassion, which usually comes from her own propensity to torment herself.

Is not afraid of ugliness, internal or external, because to Scorpio dark and light makes life interesting.

can't stand a hypocrite, the person who lives in pretence, the person who hasn't the strength to face himself.

can be pretty scornful, and pretty scathing, if she feels let down.
has a keen sense of justice which is sensitive and is virtually inflexible. It is a powerful, gut-level, emotional reaction to any situation where she feels she's been abused and treated wrongly.

is capable of sacrificing completely her own desires and opinions, if she thinks you’re right
hates being betrayed . if she feels betrayed, she's more likely to strike back than to turn the other cheek.

Therefore…patience and mildness are not qualities which you should be trying to find in Scorpio. It's good basic, primitive stuff - eye for an eye, and all that. Never maliciously, or with cruelty. Just enough to teach you a lesson.

Does it sound a little hair-raising? Hehehe…you bet
So…can you handle it???