BOUDICA ... the warrior queen

Salam and good day,I came across Queen Boudica while watching Expedition Unknown, S6 ep16. This programme is hosted by Joshua Gates, an archeologist, explorer and adventurer, like a 21st century Indiana Jones, minus the , err... arse kicking.He travels around the world, trying to solve ancient mysteries, digging tombs, looking for buried treasure etc. Like I said... Indiana Jones.In this episode, he was trying to locate the last battleground of Queen Boudica which was also believed to be her burial site. As was the custom then, this would be where her people would have given offerings of silver and gold to honour their leader. In London, he visited the monument of Boudica which is situated next to the House of Parliament, on the embankment of the Thames. The monument is a bronze statue of Queen Boudica in her chariot, with her two daughters, designed byThomas Thorneycroft in 1902.Josh Gates mentioned that, he has been to London countless times and have stood on that very spot more tha…

Ch 08 On Rules For Conduct In Life -Maxim 30 - SAADI SHIRAZ

Ch 08 On Rules For Conduct In Life - Maxim 30Whoever does not listen to advice will have occasion to hear reproof.If admonition enters not thy ears,Be silent when I blame thee
Saadi Shiraz is another Persian poet that I came across in Discovery Asia channel. (refer to encouraged by the light ). Born, Abu-Muhammad Muslih al-Din ibn Abdullah Shiraz, Saadi is well-known for his deep thoughts especially in social and moral values and these are reflected clearly in his poems. He was born in 1208 and died in 1291.His tomb is located in the north eastern outskirts of Shiraz, next to Delgosha garden. image from googleThe tomb of Saadi is one of the main attractions of the city of Shiraz.references:

NO ONE BUT YOU...the patung says


encouraged by the light ... HAFIZ

How did the rose ever open its heart and give this world all of its beauty? It felt the encouragement of light against its being; otherwise we all remain too frightened
Hafiz (real name: Khwaja Samsu d-Din Muhammad Hafez-e Sirazi), one of the most celebrated Persian poet was born around 1310 in Shiraz, Persia (modern-day Iran). 
I first came across his name twice while watching Discovery Asia channel : A Glimpse of Paradise - Garden Culture in the Islamic World and Monty Don's Paradise Gardens. Actually, they mentioned two poets, Hafiz and Saadi. I decided to read up on Hafiz first. 
Shiraz is also known as The City of Gardens and Poets, and it is no surprise that Hafiz talked a lot about the beautiful gardens of Shiraz. He was laid to rest in one of the gardens featured in his poems. The tomb of Hafez, commonly known as Hafizieh, is in Mussalla Garden, in the northern edge of Shiraz, Iran.
the tomb of Hafez image from google
references: https://en.wikipedia.…

WE ADAPT, WE COMPROMISE ... covid19, online teaching

salam and good day,

It's a beautiful day. A day for spending at the beach or a park or taking my grandchildren to the swimming pool, before covid19 that is. 

Right now, its best to follow the government's order and stay at home. To quote Clint Eastwood in Heartbreak Ridge: 'we adapt, we compromise'. Right on mr Eastwood. 

Speaking of adapting and compromising, how do you feel about online teaching?

Me? I'm so not into online teaching. Maybe it's because i was born in the 60s and grew up in the 70s and 80s, way before the age of IT, or, may be i'm just old fashion. 

Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against technology or online teaching for that matter. Technology is great, just not my cup of tea. It is certainly useful, and some people might be really good at online teaching. It's a matter of personal preference. 

i remember a scene from Bohemian Rhapsody where they went to a farm to record their album 'A night at the opera'. At one point, after …

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