Salam and good day

I was watching tv when i suddenly remembered reading about the moon venus mars cluster which was supposed to happen tonight. I can't remember what triggered my memory, but it doesn't matter.

I ran out and looked up the sky. Sure enough, i could clearly see the moon below Venus. Venus looks like a very bright white star. Towards the right of Venus is the twin stars of Gemini and further up is Mars which appears as a small orange star. 

I grabbed my phone and tried to get a photo of all the planets. Alas, it is not meant to be. I could only get the moon and venus as the other three are too faint to be captured by my phone camera. 

So... here it is... the moon seen below venus. 

Tmrw night the moon will be positioned above venus and below mars.

This is the time when i wish i have a fairly decent camera. 

Anyway, the next time you go to put out the trash at night, don't forget to glance up. The night sky is always a sight to behold.

AGEING IS A DISEASE .... is this the real life ...

 I just have to share this one... FDA trying to make money of senior citizens. Bloody capitalist.

So you think you can stop me and spit in my eye ...
just gotta get right out of here...






BLACKROCK + ZELENSKY ... Ukraine is so screwed


Only Russel can talk about something so dark  and still make people laugh. You go Russell.




IT AIN'T MUCH I'M ASKING .... Happy New Year


It ain't much I'm asking, I heard him sayGotta find me a future move out of my way ...

I want it all ... and I want it now!!!!!


ECTOLIFE ... TECHNOLOGICAL DYSTOPIA .... welcome to planet earth everyone


*We'll grow your baby in a germ free and LOVE FREE environment...

*I'll have a nice strong little Princess Leia ... LOL

Thank you Mr Brand. Informative and entertaining, as always.




FACE IT ALONE ... when the moon has lost its glow

 Queen's new single ... who would have guessed.

This is from one of their unreleased tracks for their The Miracle album back in 1988. It was originally recorded for the album but did not make the final album cut. 

The song has a dramatic beginning with Roger's base drum, followed by a melancholy guitar solo, and Freddie's voice... so hauntingly beautiful and full of emotions.

It's beautiful and so so sad, it hits you straight in the gut.

Have a listen.

After all these years, it's so good to hear all four of them playing together. I miss Queen.

SUCCULENTS ... and the rainy season

Salam and good day

These are some succulents that I planted (more like transferred) into my small front yard recently. 

I planted them in mid September. Then I realised, mid September is not the best time to plant succulents in the yard, because it was so close to the rainy season.


Well, it is October now and the rain has already started, and will get wetter come November and December. I hope they will survive the monsoon. If not, I will have to replant them, after the rain, probably in February or March.

We'll just have to wait and see. 



mega weaverbird nest

kalau tidak ada - berada, takkan tempua bersarang rendah
(malay proverb)

err ... the road not taken?


Salam and good day I was watching tv when i suddenly remembered reading about the moon venus mars cluster which was supposed to happen tonig...