Wednesday, 9 October 2013


funny limited Facebook quotes

A funny thing about relationship status in facebook .. there's 'married', 'single', 'engaged', 'in a relationship', 'in an open relatioship' etc. The rest all speak for themselves... but  'in a relationship' and 'in an open relationship'... what is that all about?

Either you're in a relationship, or you're not ... what on earth is an 'open relationship'? A relationship, whether its close or open, is still a relationship, is it not? 

So, what is an open relationship, exactly? Does it mean that you're in a relationship with sombody, but if someone better comes along... that somebody is history? Wow. ...  Anyway... even that is still 'in a relationship', not a fair one, but still a relationship. Well, just a thought on this rainy night.

ps: If anybody puts his status as    ' in an open relationship with patungcendana',  I would rearrange his FACE ... hehe


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