Monday, 27 September 2010

the painting...ini bukan review.

painting courtesy of Rajawali Art Gallery

The first time I saw the painting, I was filled with an acute sense of de ja vu…it reminded me of something or some place…strangely familiar yet surreal.
I looked at the painting. I looked at the window in the painting,I searched inside the window, and I saw.
I saw a lady, staring out of the window. Staring, face devoid of any expression. Occasionally, she opens the window and puts her hands out, letting it be enveloped by the cool wind , enjoying the feeling of rain falling on her naked skin or soaking herself in the sunray .
Sometimes, just sometimes, someone would walk by the window, stopping by to say hello, and tells her colourful stories of what’s going in the lives of people she doesn’t even know or care. So, she listens, and she smiles. That is the extent of her interaction with the world, a world which she prefers to leave outside the window.
Closing the window, she retreats into her own world, interacting with silence, playing with loneliness and dancing to the tune of her soul in her love affair with destiny.
I said earlier that the painting reminded me of something or some place. Well, I take that back. It actually reminds me of a person, not in retrospect, no. More like a vision of what is to become of that person… not a bad life really, neither is it sad…it’s just lonesome.
Inside the window, I saw myself…the convicted loner…oh well… que sera sera.
Who do you see inside the window?
aku...mahu lihat lukisan lagi ...pergi ke sini...


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