Sunday, 24 July 2011

why did the chicken cross the road

why did the chicken cross the road?
because it wants to get to the other side...:-)
semalam aku pergi trim rambut...tapi bahagian depan small step outside of my comfort zone..

macam ni la rupa aku sekarang...

not too bad

you know, giving up the comfort zone is not an easy feat. it involves changes in our routine even our usual train of thoughts sometimes. it would probably help if you were drunk or high or loaded with adrenalin which will hopefully change into courage...:-D

furthermore, you don't know whether you will like it and your brain, keeps're leaving your comfort honestly expect to be comfortable? I hate it when my brain is being rational.

ultimately, you will ask yourself...will i be able to go back into my comfort zone if it doesn't work out? admitting defeat?

what if i took the drastic step of chopping off my hair...really short...emma watson short...and even before i was out of the saloon, i couldn't wait for it to grow back. what then? bury myself in a hole for the next two years?

so...i choose to do it little by little. .. maybe i will just stop here...and pick up again later... maybe, I'll stay as I am...happily in my own comfort bubble.

Call me a chicken...i can handle it. but this chicken will only cross the road when its ready to get to the other side... :-)

Anyway, this is my life...and it's my can either walk with me, or...get out of my way...

aku...why did the elephant cross the road? ... because it was the chicken's day off. why did the pervert cross the road?... hahaha...not telling!!!