Monday, 21 November 2016


Salam and good day,
I don't know if you still remember this post... starry night which I wrote last year. In that post, I mentioned that it was the second most wonderful thing I have ever seen. I also said I would write about the most wonderful thing I have ever seen, soon. Well... not so soon apparently, but here it is... the most wonderful thing I have ever seen.
I'm writing this in the wake of the Super Moon phenomenon last week, not because I could not see a thing on account of the sky being totally overcast that particular night...but because it involves the same celestial body orbiting the earth.
Blood Moon. Image from Google
It was quite a few years back, I don't remember exactly what year it was, but it was way before cell phones have cameras... hence, no photos.  It was actually the year when there was a full Lunar Eclipse. I remember watching the eclipse from the balcony at my mother's house. To say it was mind blowing would be an understatement. It was more than mind blowing ... it was breathtaking...
to see the moon devoid of any light... was beyond my imagination. The moon was no longer just a flat bright surface...I could actually see the spherical shape of moon, which we don't normally see when it is brightly lit. The colour was a mixture of orange and red or brown and it was the size of a basketball. Actually, it was exactly like looking at a basketball suspended in the sky... spinning... Yes... i could see the orange moon spinning in the sky... truly majestic, imagine a basketball floating and spinning in the sky... magical and humbling.
I vaguely heard my mom saying ... bulan sedang sakit, and the old nyonya next door telling us,,, itu naga sudah telan bulan... not very scientific, but then scientists also call it Blood Moon... not very scientific either.
Well, scientific or not, it will always remain as the most amazing thing I have ever seen.  


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