Tuesday, 14 April 2009

the state of my brilliant mind-beyond help

song: mediate
arits: INXS

HallucinateDesegregateMediateAlleviateTry not to hateLove your mateDon't suffocate on your own hateDesignate your love as fateA one world stateAs human freightThe number eightA white black stateA gentle traitThe broken crateA heavy weightOr just too lateNow devastateAppreciateDepreciateFabricateEmulateThe truth dilateSpecial dateThe animal we ateGuilt debateThe edge serrateA better rateThe youth irateDeliberateFascinateDeviateReinstateLiberateTo moderateRecreateOr detonateAnnihiliateAtomic fateMediateClear the stateActivateNow radiateA perfect stateFood on plateGravitateThe Earth's own weighDesignateyour love as fateAt ninety-eightwe all rotateLiberate


"if you surrendered to the air, you could ride it" - Toni Morrison "when everything seems to be goimg against you, r...