Saturday, 3 January 2009

that was yesterday

aku baca blog Dr Sam...tajuknya 'goodbye yesterday'. it reminded me of this song...that was yesterday nyanyian kumpulan of my favourute groups during the 80s...along with Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Whitesnake, Phill Collins, U2, etc...masa aku kat university dulu......aku sebenarnya peminat slow rock...especially 80s punya rock... i think most of you who read my blog weren't born yet at that time...hehehe... aku masih simpan lagi koleksi piring hitam aku...u all tahu ke piring hitam tu apa...hahaha...

anyway...aku rasa lagu ni sesuai because it sums up 2008 for me...

video - top left...kalau tak perasan la...


I, thought I knew you well
But all this time
I could never tell
I, let you get away
Haunts me every night and every day

You, were the only one
The only friend that I counted on
How, could I watch you walk away
I'd give anything to have you here today

But now,
I stand alone with my pride
And dream,
that you're still by my side

But that was yesterday
I had the world in my hands
But it's not the end of my world
Just a slight change of plans

That was yesterday
But today life goes on
No more hiding in yesterday
Cause yesterday's gone,

Love, my love I gave it all
Thought I saw the light
when I heard you call

Life, that we both could share
Has deserted me,
left me in despair

But now,
I stand alone with my pride
Fighting back the tears,
I never let myself cry

But that was yesterday
Love was torn from my hands
But it's not the end of my world
Just a little hard to understand

That was yesterday
But today life goes on
You won't find me in yesterday's world
Now yesterday's gone

Goodbye yesterday
Now it's over and done
Still I hope somewhere deep in your heart
Yesterday will live on...


DrSam said...

Nice song and nice lyric. The groups that you've mentioned were my favorites as well. Thanks for bringing back good memories.

Otit said...

this piece of work was damn good.
i just keep reading it on and on again.