Monday, 6 October 2008

The Remedy, The Cactus, Master of Devil

reality is to have someone waiting for u at the side of the road in Dungun,welcoming them to her world.

the remedy

who ~~~~~ The Remedy, The Cactus and Master of Devil....oooo takutnya...

met ~~~~~ Patungcendana

where ~~~~~ Dungun

when ~~~~~ 2nd day of Syawal

time ~~~~~~ around midnight

thanks guys...that was a pleasant surprise... and I hate surprises...but still, that was a pleasant one... tapi next time boleh tak u all datang masa least kita boleh pergi meronda bandar Dungun ...sampai ke Kuala Terengganu...hehehe.

Apa pun, we get to celebrate hari raya together...we'll do it again the next time ok...

1 comment:

the remedy said...

next time?sure thing!btw,nice quote u got there.haha,lol.